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Rings & Things

Please click on image below to have a closer look.

Approximate ring size in brackets.


silver diamond shape with recycled gold centre - SOLD

Adjustable with 3 balls  - SOLD

8mm x 2 mm adjustable hammered wrap with copper end - SOLD (to order)

Flat hammered wire with 3 silver balls - SOLD

flat reticulated wire with silver and gold ball details - SOLD

Reticulated with 3 silver heart details : SOLD

Fab 'of the moment' large reticulated oval with fused silver details SOLD

8mm d wire with silver and copper wire detail : SOLD

Double disc and balls : SOLD

Dainty heart with gold dot :  SOLD

Other rings available please give me a call !

FOR THE MEN..........

Cufflinks - more styles available

Square reticulated silver cufflinks approx 15mm :  SOLD

Round reticulated and fused silver detail approx 18mm : SOLD

Reticulated tie slide


Sterling silver kilt pin brooches with silver swirls and pearls in various colours : £30